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Off-leash Training Package

How It Works

The off-leash training package will run for 3-4 weeks depending on where your dogs skillset is. I will come to your home on a scheduled day to work with you and your dog for a 30 minute session each week. Each session will focus on a specific skill for you and your dog to work on that week until our next session. It will be up to you to put the repetitions on your dog throughout the week. Practice makes perfect! The goal is for your dog to fully understand what we are asking of them before we include the e-collar. The e-collar will serve as a safety net for those moments your dog needs reinforcement. By the end of the lesson package, we will work your dog around higher levels of distraction using the e-collar to ensure that they fully understand what it means and that you know how to use the e-collar in realistic scenarios. 


The Remote Collar

The remote e-collar is a high tech tool that produces stimulation with levels ranging from 1-100. When conditioned properly, the remote collar serves as your tactile connection to your dog while they are enjoying the freedoms of off-leash life. Each client will receive their own e-collar when taking part in the lesson package. 

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