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Pack Hikes

Dexter Dog Days pack hikes are 90 minute off-leash adventures that allow your dog the freedom to run and socialize while enjoying all the sites and smells the woods has to offer. 


These hikes are an opportunity for your dog to learn social skills with other dogs. During our hikes, we use obedience and relaxation training to help the dogs achieve a balanced state of mind while still having fun running the trails and beaches. Your dog will come home feeling physically fulfilled and mentally exhausted after an outing with the pack.

At Dexter Dog Day's we take pride in providing a fun and enriching service for dogs while keeping safety our number one priority. We utilize modern training tactics and tools such as the e-collar to make sure all of our dogs have a reliable recall. Not only do we want to provide a safe environment for our pack to run, but we also want to keep the trails safe for our fellow hikers, dogs and wildlife. 


Pricing for the pack hikes may vary depending on number of dogs per household and how many days a week you schedule your dog.

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