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     My career working with dogs started in 2014 when I worked as a veterinary assistant. After a year in the veterinarian field I decided to move in a different direction with dogs. I discovered a dog hiking company in CT that specialized in off-leash hikes. After hiking dogs for two years in CT, an opportunity came about to start my own branch of the business in Denver, CO. For two years I hiked dogs in the mountains of Colorado before moving to expand my knowledge of balanced dog training. 

   After completing a dog training course focused on pack work, I moved to Oregon to work for a dog training company that specializes in balanced training and off-leash obedience. This past year in dog training has given me the experience to help dogs and their owners live a more balanced life. I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge with the people and dogs of Cape Cod. 


Pack hikes



60-90 minute pack hikes with pick up and drop off included



Off-leash Training package


Train your dog to be off-leash reliable with our off-leash training package


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At Dexter Dog Days I believe that dogs require mental and physical stimulation to live a happy and fulfilled life. Pack hikes help your dog tap into their most natural instincts by migrating off-leash through the woods with their fellow canine friends. Dogs deserve more than just exploring their backyards or the same walk around the neighborhood. Not only do the pack hikes give dogs the opportunity to use their noses, socialize, and move their bodies, but they will also learn trail manners. From leaving the home, to entering the car, to the hike itself, I believe that the more structure dogs have, the more freedom they earn. Dexter Dog Days is here to help reconnect your dog to nature while gaining new skills to maintain a balanced and healthy state of mind.


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